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Once Upon A Dragon


Twenty minutes. It had taken twenty minutes to get all of their bags down the train deck and piled next to Lennai’s car. That was with her helping. What in blue-blazes did these children bring with them? And where am I going to put all of it? Not to mention how in the world am I going to get it and them back to my house? In this little car? The mound of luggage stood higher than the top of Lennai’s car, and she was completely out of her league already.

“Need some help?”

Pen. Just his name brought a swarm of relief that Lennai would never be able to explain to anyone. Today, of all days, she was happy to see him. Again.

“You have no idea,” she stated, a smile of thanks filling her eyes even as it spread across her lips. She watched Pen make quick work of filling the back of his old Dodge pick-up with the mountain of bags that were the children’s belongings. She watched the way the afternoon light caught Pen’s dark hair. How easily he seemed to get along with the children; already laughing and joking with the eldest boy, Tyler, and the little one, Jeremy. For one brief moment her heart ached for all the emptiness that had been her life.

“Can we ride back to your house with Pen?” Tyler asked, his voice hopeful, his eyes bright.

“Yeah, can we, Aunt Lennai?” This from Jeremy who was tugging on her sweater, looking up at her with the same bright, brown eyes that were an exact match for her brothers’.

“It’s fine with me,” Sam stated. “I’ll ride with you.”

Lennai blinked, trying to take it all in. When did her life became so crazy? Oh, yes. Today.

“I guess so,” she told them hesitantly. “That is, if it’s okay with you, Pen?”

“Sure, I don’t mind. Besides, don’t think there’s much room in your car anyway.”

Lennai turned and looked at her little Geo, which was loaded down from floor to roof with what apparently were all of Sam’s belongings. The back end had actually sank a good two inches, and she was wondering if they’d even make it down the road from the weight.

“It’ll be fine, Lenni,” Pen said, as if reading her thoughts. “Come on boys. Adventures await.” Then he lifted up Jeremy into the cab.

“Oooh, what’s this?” Jeremy questioned as he hung out the side of the truck, a shiny rock in his hands.

“Don’t worry, Lenni,” Pen whispered, taking Lennai by the shoulders and pointing her in the direction of her car. “You’ll do just fine. You’ll see.”

“Glad you’re so all fire sure of things,” she muttered. “You borrow some of Merlin’s magic? Get yourself a crystal ball?” Pen shrugged. “Maybe.” Then he winked at her and walked away.

“That there is a dragon’s egg, little Jeremy. So don’t squish it.”

“A dragon’s egg? Will it make a magical dragon? Where’d you get a dragon’s egg anyway? Can you get me a magical dragon?” Jeremy rapidly questioned, each word dripping with the excitement and exuberance of youth.

Lennai grunted. Magical dragons. ,

Sam snorted. Magical dragons.

Tyler laughed. “Whoever heard of eggs that hatched magical dragons?”

“I believe in magical dragons,” Jeremy told Pen assuredly.

“Of course you do, Jeremy. I believe in magical dragons too,” he quietly assured him.

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