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Glen Hills Gazette

Macey McCabe, Editor in Chief

Glen Hills, IL July 13th

~Where Your Work & Your World Come Together~

Labor Talks Shut Down

In District

Murder in District Leaves Patrons

Screaming for Answers

Bear Sightings Increase in

Rembley Forest

Other World grows restless as talks between Silent Court and City Officials break down on Thursday. What is left for the bargaining table?

“We want equal pay for equal work.” states Gavin Shirk, Coalition Leader for the Other World District Laborers.

What is fast becoming a topic of heat and fuel for the fire is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many of the Other World population. City Leaders continually put off an agreement to increase pay scales to meet even the minimum wage of $9.25 per hour. If they continue to walk away from the bargaining table, Coalition Leaders state the laborers will strike, leaving the River District — high and dry.

Silence on the Moor was none too quiet last evening as a macabre slaying erupted within its walls - leaving the Other World patrons and its Human compatriots questioning how something so horrific could occur with so many in attendance and unaware.

Police Inspector Adam Cage has been assigned to this investigation and he has assured the people of Glen Hills that he will stop at nothing to find those responsible and bring them to justice. And in conjunction with the city the Silent Court has assigned Bounty Hunter, Rihker Tennai, esteemed court hunter to assist in this investigation.

“We will do whatever is necessary to provide our full assistance to the Glen Hills Police.” stated High Court member Xavier Drae.

Park Officials are warning visitors to not wander bike paths alone, keep food stored in closed containers and away from campsites and to not leave small children unattended as the fifth bear sighting in Rembley Forest was reported yesterday afternoon.

“We are unsure of the reason for so many sightings, there haven’t been bears in Rembley in twenty plus years.” stated Ranger Josh Hodgens of the Rembley Forest Preserve. “But we’re taking this very seriously as the number of sightings increase on a weekly basis.” he continued.

Yesterday’s sighting makes the fifth in a three week time frame.

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