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Mojocastle Press


Valen Resnek is a Night Hawk -- a Shadow Guard for Lakasak Ur, the High Queen of the Land of Alm. Among his brethren, his bravery in battle and skill in arms is unsurpassed. Chosen as her Guardian he must accompany his Queen to Valley of Whisper for the Equinox Gathering of the Four-Wards where an assembly has gathered to choose a new Ward for the Lands of the Dead. Valen readily complies as he hides a secret deep within his heart. When he discovers his gentle Queen hides her own dark secrets; secrets that will test his allegiances, try his strength, and rock his emotions to their very core, Valen must use all his power to protect the woman he loves.

Chosen from a lineage of strong and prosperous rulers, the young and beautiful, Lakasak Ur leads the people of Alm with a strong, but disquieting hand. Her court sees her as a calm and lovely ruler, easily persuaded at their whim and by their fancy. Summoned by the Wards to attend the Equinox Gathering she is shocked to find she has been chosen her name entered unknowingly as a contender for Ward of the Lands of the Dead.

To rule, Lakasak must pass through the World of Shadows, and survive. There are many who do not wish her to hold such an esteemed position. Many who would seek to destroy her by any means possible. But Lakasak holds a dark secret in her ancient bloodline. One, that if not controlled, could destroy them all.

In A World of Deception, Death and Shadows, Some Journeys Are Better Not Taken Alone

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