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Have You Received Your Message?

Got Faith?

The Message is a matter of Interpretation ~

Belief is in the hands of Faith

Faith Savage, Demon Huntress

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Got Faith?

Faith Savage - Demon Huntress

In the beginning God created the Heavens, the Earth...and Angels.

No one is certain when the war started - when the Angels went astray.

All that is clear is that war erupted in Heaven and the Angels fell from Grace.

Today that war continues.

My name is Faith Savage, and I hunt demons. Some say that God has a master plan for all of us -

from an Angel's first breath to mankind's final death.

Somewhere in between lays the battle for salvation.

From Faith Savage, Demon Huntress - Books 1 - 8 , published by Mojocastle Press Available Now at Amazon

Faith Savage:

Faith's Temptation - Amazon

Faith 1 - Glow - Amazon

Faith 2 - Fear No Evil - Amazon

Faith 3 - Transgressions - Amazon

Faith 4 - When Angels Fall - Amazon

Faith 5 - Ash Collector - Amazon

Faith 6 - Wicked's Kiss - Amazon

Faith 7 - Sinner - Amazon

Faith 8 - Messenger - Amazon