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Have You Received Your Message?

Got Faith?

The Message is a matter of Interpretation ~

Belief is in the hands of Faith

Faith Savage, Demon Huntress

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Anything Is Possible With A Little Magic...

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"Your God has no power here," she swore she heard him say...

There is a darkness to be found in the forest. And a beast that dwells within. If you listen closely you can hear it...follow the wolf-song.

Song of the Wolf

Rionon - hunter, warrior, he wanders the dark trails, guilt, sorrow and anger his lone companions. He has become a loner, a shadow who seeks the peace that can only be found in the darkest reaches of the forest. But when his peace is disturbed by humans and his past returns; vengeance and death clearly marked with his demise, he must choose a path and change a life he never knew existed.

Jayden LeFey has always trusted the wrong ones. Drawn to the bad boys, the downtrodden, she has a gift at finding promise in all their lying eyes. But Rionon's difference is savage and a dark beast dwells within him. So why isn't she afraid? Because all her life she's wanted nothing more than to belong - and something in Rionon feels like coming home.

From Song of the Wolf, published by Mojocastle Press

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