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Glen Hills Gazette

Conversations with a Dark Laird: Kieran

by Macey McCabe, Editor in Chief


The crowd milling around outside the historic brick veneer building of this town’s hottest night club was eerily quiet as bodies pressed tightly together to catch a glimpse of the sexiest dead man they’d ever see on a lazy Tuesday summer evening. Silence on the Moor, the city’s most recent scene to a gruesome murder, is now where macabre violence has rocked the River District -- home to both humans and Others alike. It has also left the local Glen Hill Police hot on the trail of its killer(s). Despite the remnants of this grizzly scene occurring just a few short nights ago, a throng of interested onlookers, as thick as Bodgrins Bog, were still eager for a glimpse of the Other Worldly creatures who stalked its midnight urban jungle for flesh, blood and a rhapsody of other delicious delights found within its dark depths.

So you might ask yourself, what brings me, Macey McCabe, out into the darkness tonight? It would have to be none other than -- A clandestine meeting, a dark interlude, an erotic exclusive with the mysterious and beguiling creature that owns Silence on the Moor -- Master Vampire of Glen Hills, Kieran -- No Last Name. With his six foot plus frame and long dark locks surrounding his ruggedly masculine, and extremely handsome features, as well as those brilliantly amazing amethyst eyes -- well, what can this reporter say -- I just may have wanted to die…

We met at the café across the street from his club. It was small, but quaint, and the smell of espresso and latte filled the air; cinnamon and vanilla lilting against my senses. Kieran had sauntered in just after nightfall wearing skin tight black jeans and a white, loose fitting dress shirt. His long dark hair hung freely to his shoulders. He was as captivating as all the rumors had described him to be and briefly I wondered if it was his vampire wiles working on me.

MM: “Thank you for sitting down with me tonight, Kieran. I’m sure you’re a very busy man.”

Kieran: “Not at all lass. The pleasure is mine,” he replied and the thick brogue of his accent clung in the air between us like dark chocolate syrup.

MM: “So Kieran, all inquiring minds are wondering, is there a Ms., Mr. or Mistress of Darkness out there to keep you warm and comforted during your long restful days?” I figured I might as well get straight to the point.

Kieran: “I have many friends that I occupy my time with.”

MM: “And is Rihker Tennai now one of your “friends?”

Kieran: “My relationship with Ms. Tennai is currently on a professional level. She is working closely with our Courts and your local Police Department.”

MM: “And do you expect it to lead to something more than a professional relationship?”

Kieran: “I never kiss and tell Ms. McCabe.”

MM: “Sources say that the beast set free in your club is now running loose amongst society. Is that true?”

Kieran: “And where is it that you get your information from Ms. McCabe?”

I began to feel a little uncomfortable as he watched me closely. I kept thinking, “Is he stealing my sources names from my mind? Can vampires do that?” This reporter will have to do more research.

MM: “I have many reliable resources,” I replied. But by the way he arched his brow at me I could read the skepticism in his features. The silence stretched between us and I began to wonder if I was losing the interview.

MM: “So, Kieran. Exactly how old are you?”

Kieran: “I was born when the Danes fought for rule over my home country. When the great warrior Brian Boru was the leader of men and waged wars against the Danes.”

MM: “Wow! So a girl would forever feel like jail-bait around you, eh?”

His smile was appeasing and sultry all at once and I could see why women everywhere would easily volunteer to open up a vein.

MM: “So is it true that the vampires are revolting and a war is starting in the ranks of the Other World?” I asked considering the current whispers circulating the streets since the murder in his club.

Kieran: Says nothing

MM: “There are those that are saying that you called this creature. That you deal in the black arts. Are these rumors true?”

Kieran: Says nothing

MM: What about the rumors that Ms. Tennai is going to aid you in a vampire revolt?

Kieran: Says nothing

MM: Is she your new lover?

Kieran: “You should really be careful where you get your information Ms. McCabe,” he said as he stood before me -- all six feet five of him looking down at me, the darkness of his eyes bleeding to black.

As mysteriously as he appeared, he disappeared as though he had never sat before me. The coffee shop quiet and filled with the aroma of Columbian blends, and lingering like a subtle kiss was the gentle brush of his cologne -- spicy and rich like the very earth itself.

At this point we’ll all have to wait and see if the Police and the Silent Court, along with their Bounty Hunter, Rihker Tennai are up to the task of tracking down these murderers and if together they can keep the people of Glen Hills safe. One thing is for certain -- we should all stay out the darkness.

Macey McCabe

Editor in Chief

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