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Book 1: To Tell of Darkness

Excerpt: Chapter One

I let the door swing closed behind me as I caught up with Officer Creole. He had already made his way to the group of men that were waiting at the end of a long hallway. Whispering something to them--my arrival, no doubt--they all turned as one towards me.

I strolled down the hall, eyes forward, back straight, seemingly not a care in the world. It wasn't the first time I'd been the recipient of so much scrutiny.

My biker boots didn't make a sound on the tiles as I strolled towards them beneath the fluorescent lights. In the back of my head was that little voice reminding me that it's moments like this that most women either look at the ground or throw a little swing in their sway.

I didn't really give a shit either way. And it probably showed, as I looked them all in the eye.

I was dressed in black leather pants, a tight green tank top and a short-waisted leather jacket. I looked good. What the hell did I care if they stared?

I mean it was only Adam the cop, who had dumped me, and his other cop friends. Right?

That's what my brain said as I continued to stroll forward, my long green-and-silver-streaked hair flying loose behind me. I was able to maintain this semi-cool attitude until the deepest shade of purple eyes I had ever seen in my life met mine.

Fuck! Did death walking upright have to be gorgeous? He just had to be fucking gorgeous, didn't he? My heart nearly stopped as six feet five inches of tall, dark and make-me-melt turned those incredible eyes in my direction. So this is my newest prisoner, I thought.

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