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Welcome to Realm

Rhiker Tennai

So, Human, you think you want to walk with me into my Realm? Think you can handle it? I doubt it…

The monsters can get a mite unruly and the Silent Court tends to dig deep with their claws, fangs, and whatever else they can manage to clench onto your hide with. And once your in, they own you. But this Pixie ain’t nobody's pawn. And I have a few secrets to Tell ...

I’m a daughter of the Light and the Darkness and it seems everyone wants to come out and play. So, do think you can handle it? I doubt it...

Age: 26

Creature: Pixie - Human ~ Half-breed

Pixie Name: Deneau – Justice, a blessing among the Pixie

Height: 5’ 6”


1st Tell – Tracking/hunting

2nd Tell - Calls the Tides

3rd Tell – Glows

4th Tell – Glowing Silver Ball of Power

5th Tell – Gift of Knowing


The night beckons, Lass, and there is much to learn.  Come, walk beside me, and I’ll show you the desires that a thousand years of death have bestowed upon this flesh.

It is but a taste I seek.

And a millennium of lust I offer

Creature: Master Vampire

Born: 1014

Birthplace: Ireland

Reborn: 1043

Height: 6’ 5”


Gwen Dittman © 2007

Come to me, my lovely one.

Aye, and Mercy will show you the delights

that can only be found at the hands as one such as I.

I am a true creature of the Realm.

Neither Vampire, nor Goblin ~ but both.

And my bite is as deadly as my beauty.

Come, and I will show you

the sins of my flesh, and the rapture

to be found in death.

Come, and surrender

your fate to my mercy….

Born: Ireland


Creature: Goblin-Vampire

Height: 5’ 2”

Eye Color: Cocoa Brown

Duties: First in Command to Master Vampire - Kieran

Gar Dragonseek -- Dragon

by Shawn R. Smith-Ford © 2007

There is much comfort to be found in the arms of a Were. I am a creature of the earth, bound to my master by magic, by fealty, and by love.; But I’m willing to share…

Born: 1016 - Scandinavia

Turned: 1044

Creature: Wereleopard

Height: 6’ 6”

Weight: 185

Hair Color: Honey Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Duties: Paramour/Human Servant to Master Vampire

The Werewolves--Ien, Garric, and Jade

When the forest is dark and the moon is full you might just find us along the trail if our master wishes. We are brothers, fighters, lovers - Weres. Our force is mighty and our will is strong. And we’re always looking for a soft body to curl among us in our den.
Are you willing to join to us?

by Shawn R. Smith-Ford © 2007


by K.A. M'Lady © 2007

A lifetime of war has taught me many things. And my ward teaches me many more. The most important being patience. I will protect her with my last dieing breath ~ She is the hope, the future. Be warned, those who think to get in her way ~ For I shall be Watching...

Age: 2000 years

Creature: Ogre

Height: 7’

Eye Color: Turquoise

Duties: Guardian to Rihker Tennai

Warrior, Healer, Watcher


by Shawn R. Smith-Ford © 2007

I am the darkness in the jungle and the pulse of fear the hunter feels just before I strike.

But my beauty is as sleek and lush as the dark coat that I wear. And my bite just as deadly.

I’ve pledged my loyalty to a Death Stalker who is as beautiful as sin and his family is now my own - we all have needs - Come to me, and I will help to fulfill yours.

There is much delight

in the arms of the Panther.

Creature: Werepanther



Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black



by Shawn R. Smith-Ford © 2007

I am mystery, I am Darkness, I am True Desire…

The pleasure of a lifetime awaits ~

I am the bringer of lust and hunger

Come, and delight in my Darkness

Creature: Vampire. Creator of Kieran

Nickname: Wicked White Bitch of the West

Pet Peeves: Sunlight, stakes to the chest, All who won’t submit

The Wanderling

by Shawn R. Smith-Ford © 2007

Seek you the knowledge?

Find the Book you shall

One does not need eyes to see Way…

The Prophecy is written,

The Chosen foretold.

Much to learn has she.

Much to learn!

Creature: The Wanderling

Origin: Unknown

Powers: Multiple Unknown

Xavier Drae

by Shawn R. Smith-Ford © 2007

I am the Ruler of my Court!

It is my way, and my laws -

the laws of the Silent Court…

Step out of line and you’ll

experience the mayhem

that has held true

for a millennium.

The power that is Troll.

Creature: Troll

Height: 5’ 6”

Eye Color: Flame

Duties: Silent Court Judge